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I’m leaving tumblr roleplay.


I will leave these accounts up, but I will no longer roleplay.

I’m going to be busy with an ask account of mine, which I’ve found brings me far more delight and consumes less time than a constant flow of RPing.

For those of you who are still interested in Quentbutt’s roleplaying (and like Germany/Austria), come find me here.

You know, the only good thing about Ivan Petrovich living in my house is the amount of nostalgia he provides.

Otherwise, he is very much a pain and an annoyance.

And still he chooses not to share with me anything, although he is being a parasite and living under my roof.

-and Zima grumbles into the night…-

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If you live in Manchest or Ballwin Missouri, Near the Parkway South High/Hannah Woods/Wren/Southwest area, PLEASE STAY INSIDE. There is an armed Gunman in the wooded area behind the school. STAY SAFE AND INSIDE OKAY GUYS. He is Suicidal and armed

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You are given three weeks to write a term paper about African independence. What do?

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M!As: Send Me Some

  • Baby: Muse is pregnant and due in ____. (Father specified by anon)
  • Sight: Muse is blind for ___
  • Hearing: Muse is deaf for ___
  • Ariel: Muse doesn't have a tongue for ___
  • Memory: Muse cannot remember anything for ___
  • Injury: Muse will be injured somehow (anon decides severity and injury) for ____
  • Fear: Muse will be terrified by something or someone (anon specifies who) for ___
  • Gemini: Muse will split into two different versions of themself for ___
  • Basket: Muse finds a baby in a basket and has to take care of it for ___
  • Compulsion: Muse has OCD for ___ (anon decides primary source of obsession [number, clenliness, etc])

englarflug and geopum-cha started following you.


Welcome, welcome!

Please do not mind the house right now. Ivan Petrovich is tweaking it to his liking, as he is residing with me for a short while—

May I offer you some tea?

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Tumblr Crushes:
Yes, like the Tyrolean Wood Chopper's Dance. How fun. And sure! Sounds like quite the challenge.

It is a deal! I shall gather up the appropriate attire, and if you would be so kind to do the same for your Christmas it would be best.

And you have to teach me that. There is no question about it. You must.

-Ivan the overeager learner-

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This probably won’t work, but I’mma try ok.

Alright, So I’m going to be oh so nice here, For every roleplayer that reblogs this, Yes every roleplayer. I’ll draw there character. I’m bored and I need something to do. I’ll put the finished drawing in your submit so make sure It’s open.


Ach so! A more traditional hat -- that. That you will see. Perhaps I will feel generous, and you will become a Tiroler for a day.

Ooh, but the way you described it, I thought you meant it anyway~ You can stick feathers in it, can you not? And even dance funny dances in it and the rest of your traditional clothing—

Maybe I should let you be a Cossack too, then!